‘The Long Dark Trail’ to be Part of IFI Horrorthon 2021

Some of the promotional items available during a special screening of 'The Long Dark Trail' at the Struthers Library Theatre on Saturday, June 19, 2021. Photo courtesy Amy O'Donnell.

DUBLIN – After taking center stage in Warren earlier this year, the locally filmed feature “The Long Dark Trail” will go international in October.

The film, shot on location in Warren County and starring a number of county residents, will be part of the Irish Film Institute’s Horrorthon 2021 on Oct. 22.

Four Eightteen Films, the production company co-founded by Warren’s Kevin Ignatius and responsible for the film, announced The Long Dark Trail’s inclusion in the Horrorthon 2021 lineup on Sept. 29.

Horrorthon is an annual event held at the IFI Cinema in Dublin, Ireland. This year’s event features 26 films which will be shown over a four-day period from Oct. 22 – 25.

“This year’s line-up includes 26 new features from Ireland to Kazakhstan and beyond, offering a wide variety of the best new horror films (only a few of which will remind you of recent events),” the IFI announcement reads. “We’re really looking forward to seeing you again.”

According to its website, the IFI “is Ireland’s national cultural institution for film. It provides audiences throughout Ireland with access to the finest independent, Irish and international cinema; it preserves and promotes Ireland’s moving image heritage through the IFI Irish Film Archive, and provides opportunities for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to learn and critically engage with film.”

The Long Dark Trail is scheduled to be shown at 10:50 p.m. (Ireland time) on Oct. 22.

The film was the second feature-length film produced by Four Eightteen films and stars Sheffield’s Brady and Carter O’Donnell as the main characters.

The Long Dark Trail is a story about “two impoverished teenage brothers (played by the O’Donnells) who, after escaping their abusive father, embark on a treacherous and haunting journey to find their estranged mother who has become the disciple of a sadistic cult lurking deep in the forests of rural Pennsylvania.”

See a trailer for the film here:

A special screening of the film at the Struthers Library Theatre in June drew rave reviews from the nearly sold-out crowd.

“This was a great experience, just good experience all around,” Ignatius said after the screening. “I didn’t know what to expect, but we had a great response from the crowd. It was a blast. We got to stand in the back a little bit and just watch people’s reactions. I think it went great.”

An announcement regarding the film’s official release is expected soon.