Suites at Rouse Show Off Renovations, New Staff During Open House

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – The Suites at Rouse held an open house Wednesday to introduce its staff and showcase the facility to potential new residents.

With elevator repairs complete and second-floor living space available, Administrator Jessica Benjamin felt it was time to reintroduce the facility to the community.

“I’ve been here about four or five months now,” Benjamin said. “So I felt it was time to showcase our facility. We do have our elevator up and operating (and we’re) highlighting our features and our apartments.”

Benjamin said she also wanted to allow the community to meet the new staff as well.

“We have a great new team here,” Benjamin said. “We have quite a few new staff that have joined us in the last six months. So we really felt like it was time to showcase what we have to offer the to the surrounding community.”

The high temperatures didn’t keep people away.

“I was actually surprised,” Benjamin said. “Our doors opened at three. And I think we had a flood right off the get-go. So it was really good to see that.”

For more information about the facility, call 814-563-1650.