Steet Landscape Committee Making Plans for Crescent Park Healing Garden

Photo by Autumn Hagberg

WARREN, Pa. – City of Warren’s Street Landscape committee is continuing to bolster up plans for Crescent Park.

As some of the major renovations finish up, attention is now turning to the healing garden, which will be located at the west end of the park.

“The healing garden trees have gone in,” said City Arborist Joe Reinke. “They are witchhazel, redbud and dogwood. They are the first to go into the garden. The crew got it all done in one day.”

Added landscape architect Dave Sobina: “Joe does his evaluation for the year in January, so we’ll be expecting that and then get started on planting.”

Sobina went on to see that there will be a hosta garden, as well as a butterfly garden and a sun garden with a fountain.

The committee also discussed the different types of plants that they would like to see included in each space.

“It’s looking good,” said Committee chair Josie Gerarde. “Today I felt more positive than I have so far.”

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz is also pleased with how everything is coming along.

“The trail is looking good,” he said “It’s completed. The benches are in. The grass is looking good and the trees are planted. The lights have not yet arrived (noting that they are supposed to ship in December). The goal is to get it finished so we can go get some money from people.”