Sports Slate the Week of Sept. 5 – 11

WARREN, Pa. – Here’s the varsity and youth sports schedule for the week of Sept. 5 – 11.

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SOCCER – Eisenhower boys at Saegertown, 5 p.m.; Warren boys at Franklin, 6 p.m.
VOLLEYBALL – Eisenhower at Maplewood, 6 p.m.; Fort LeBoeuf at Warren, 6 p.m.; Youngsville at Iroquois, 6 p.m.; Sheffield at Kane, 6 p.m.
BASKETBALL – Cambridge Springs at Eisenhower JH girls, 4 p.m.; Conneaut Valley at Beaty girls, 4 p.m.
CROSS COUNTRY – Eisenhower at Harbor Creek, 4 p.m.; Youngsville at Warren, 4 p.m.
TENNIS – Warren girls at Mercyhurst Prep, 4 p.m.
FOOTBALL – Little Legends Flag Football, 5:15 p.m. Bucs vs. Bills (Field A), Titans vs. Cowboys (Field B); 6:30 p.m. Texans vs. Dolphins (Field A), Bears vs. Steelers (Field B)

BASKETBALL – Youngsville JH girls at Eisenhower, 4 p.m.
SOCCER – Eisenhower girls at Girard, 4 p.m.; General McLane at Warren girls, 6 p.m.
VOLLEYBALL – Eisenhower at Youngsville, 6 p.m.; Corry at Warren, 6 p.m.

GOLF – Warren at Cathedral Prep Mega Match, 11 a.m.; Warren JV at Tam O’Shanter, 9 a.m.
SOCCER – Titusville at Eisenhower boys, 4 p.m.; Warren boys at Saegertown, 4 p.m.
CROSS COUNTRY – Warren at Union City, 4 p.m.; Harbor Creek at Youngsville, 4 p.m.
BASKETBALL – Eisenhower JH girls at Conneaut Lake Middle School, 4 p.m.; Beaty girls at Saegertown, 4 p.m.; Youngsville JH girls at Cambridge Springs, 4 p.m.
TENNIS – Warren girls at Fairview, 4 p.m.
VOLLEYBALL – Sheffield at Forest Area, 6 p.m.
FOOTBALL – Eisenhower JH at Titusville, 4 p.m.; JS Wilson at Beaty, 4 p.m.; Sheffield JH at Kane, 5 p.m.; Little Legends Flag Football, 5:15 p.m. Bears vs. Texans (Field A), Steelers vs. Dolphins (Field B), 6:30 p.m. Cowboys vs. Bills (Field A), Titans vs. Bucs (Field B)

VOLLEYBALL – Youngsville at Union City, 7:15 p.m. (JV starts at 6 p.m.)
CROSS COUNTRY – Corry at Eisenhower, 4 p.m.
FOOTBALL – Girard at Warren (played at Mike Shine Field in Youngsville), 7 p.m.; Union City at Eisenhower, 7 p.m. (will be live streamed on the YDL Sports Network)

VOLLEYBALL – Eisenhower at Franklin Invitational, 9 a.m.; Warren at Fort LeBoeuf Tournament, 9 a.m.; Sheffield at Brockway Tournament, 9 a.m.
SOCCER – Eisenhower boys at Fort LeBoeuf, 1 p.m.; Warren girls at Titusville, 6 p.m.; Warren boys at Harbor Creek, 1 p.m.
FOOTBALL – Warren JV at Girard, 10 a.m.; Little Legends Flag Football Tournament at Mike Shine Field in Youngsville with Corry and Titusville
TENNIS – Grove City at Warren girls, 11 a.m.
BASKETBALL – Oil City at Beaty girls, 11 a.m.

FOOTBALL – Warren County Youth Football League on Wolverine Mountain at Sheffield High School, 11 a.m. JV Panthers vs. Hurricanes; 12:30 p.m. Varsity Hogs vs. Dawgs