Riverfront Development


Regarding the development of Warren’s riverfront, it may be worthwhile to reflect on what would be the BEST use of one of the last parcels of riverfront in the city. Given Warren’s history, it makes sense that the river was developed for business and industry, without which Warren would not be what it is today. Because of this, the majority of the Allegheny River running through the city is either private property, hidden behind the refinery and the backsides of other buildings, or alongside roadways – none of which offers access to the public.

Our waterfront neighbor to the north, Bemus Point, has a thriving downtown section that is smaller than Warren’s – and overnight accommodations are not the draw. It is a place that was designed to allow people to enjoy the waterfront. People flock there to eat, shop and recreate in a scenic area. Without those things as a draw, the hotel would be an accessory. We finally have successful local businesses in the waterfront area. To offer public access to boating, perhaps a dockside area to enjoy takeout food from our fantastic downtown eateries is worthy of consideration for this last place of waterfront beauty and recreation in the city of Warren.

Fran Leto