Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Lacy Park Multi-Sensory Playground Held

October 3, 2020

The ribbon cutting for the Lacy Park Multi-Sensory All Inclusive Playground was held on Saturday morning, under pristine early autumn weather.

City of Warren Mayor Maurice Cashman, Senator Scott Hutchinson, Warren County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Regional Advisor Erin Wiley Moyers  and Dr. Kathleen Basto of the Barber Institute all spoke at the ceremony.

“There’s so many people thank,” Eggleston said. “I have an immense amount of gratitude for the people involved in this. I got to play a very small part of it. One group I really want to thank is the Rotary Club and specifically Dr. (William) Clark and Adam Meneo, who drove this thing home. You have to have people who are going to be dedicated and won’t take no for an answer and they got things done.”

For Eggleston, the playground is also very personal.

“Right over there where your cars are parked is where I played box hockey 25 years ago,” he said. “It’s where I struck out for the first time in Little League and where I fell asleep in the outfield for the first time.

“I’m fortunate enough to have two children with autism who have sensory issues. We’ve taken them to playgrounds to enjoy different types of entertainment. It really brings everyone together. It’s so inclusive, it’s such a great asset. I think people will look at this and see it as a gem of the community. This is something that is going to be somewhat unique to Warren. It has a flavor and personality all its own.”

Hutchinson also pointed to the Rotary Club, among many, who helped to get the project completed.

“My hats off to the Rotary Club, who have a long history of making our communities stronger and better, making our world better,” he said. “This is a wonderful place of respite for the entire community. My congratulations, thanks and best wishes for continued success in this fantastic little slice of heaven in Warren.”

Dr. Basto and the Barber Institute provided provided consultation on the project, and were happy to be involved and look forward to continuing that relationship.

“Meeting the needs of the community is essential to the Barber Institute,” she said. “We were invited to join the group here in Warren to consult on this project. We come from a place of meeting the needs of children with disabilities, but if you’re doing that, you’re really meeting the needs of all children. It’s a place to draw families together. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to go play.”


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