Prescribed Burn Planned in Spring Creek Township

November 4, 2020

WARREN, Pa. – The USDA Forest Service is planning to conduct a prescribed fire on the Allegheny National Forest in Spring Creek Township, Elk County this week.

Fire management staff, in consultation with Forest resource specialists, have identified 13 acres of grass habitat, as part of a wildlife management project in the Spring Creek area for prescribed burning. It is anticipated that critical elements, such as wind speeds and direction, relative humidities and temperatures will be within prescription this week.

Ignition of the burn units will take one day, and the units will be patrolled daily until the fires are called out.

Prescribed fires are conducted with the safety of the public and firefighters as the highest priority. A prescribed fire will only occur after a prescribed fire burn plan has been approved, qualified resources are available and environmental parameters are met and appropriate. The plans take into consideration and address a variety of ecological concerns and agency policies.

Prescribed fires are a historic and natural process of several ecosystems on the Allegheny National Forest, such as these grasslands identified for treatment.

Wildlife species, such as white-tailed deer, turkey, butterflies, songbirds, grouse, snakes and turtles use burned areas for cover, warming and a place to raise their young.

In addition, prescribed fires reduce hazardous fuels, which can lead to uncontrolled wildfires.

Updates and information will be posted on the Forest’s social media to inform the public that a prescribed burn may be occurring in their area.

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