Pleasant Township Supervisors Discuss EMS Options with EmergyCare


PLEASANT TWP, Pa. – The Pleasant Township Board of Supervisors discussed options regarding its Emergency Medical Services during its regular meeting Tuesday night. 

This comes on the heels of the City of Warren sending a pair of letters to Pleasant Township and other Warren County municipalities, one from City Manager Nancy Freenock and another from legal counsel that would petition the state to no longer require the city to respond with its ambulance outside the city.

Last year, Pleasant, which receives a large number of its calls from the Warren Manor, entered into a pilot program with the City of Warren, which ended in December. 

Freenock cited in her letter both financial and safety reasons for why the city may request that it no longer be required to respond to calls outside the city. 

“The city does not receive sufficient compensation to cover the expense of these calls,” the letter said. “Most importantly, the City simply cannot continue to provide 911 ambulance services outside the City without jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of its own taxpayers under circumstances that have been getting worse for quite some time now.”

In the event the City does cease responding to calls in other municipalities, the Supervisors are exploring other options for EMS care.

Todd Steele, Director of Operations for EmergyCare, presented Pleasant Township officials with potential options to assist the Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department. 

“I can’t guarantee 100 percent coverage, but we could add an additional truck, which we’re looking to do anyway,” he said. “We just wanted to communicate what we’re capable of,” Steele said during the meeting. “All we would need is an extension cord to plug in our vehicle and a place, a lounge or something like that for our folks to go.”

The next Pleasant Township meeting is scheduled for May 25. 

“We’re here to help if we can work something out,” Steele said. “We’ll certainly help to the extent that we can.”