PGC Lifts Recommendation to Remove Bird Feeders

Photo courtesy Jared Finch.

With decreasing reports of sick and dead wild birds, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is lifting the recommendation to cease feeding birds.

Community members can help lower the risk of spreading disease by cleaning bird feeders and baths with a 10 percent bleach solution for 10 minutes weekly.

While the issue appears to be resolving on its own, the response has highlighted how much the Game Commission and other wildlife agencies rely on the greater community.

“The public plays a vital role in wildlife health surveillance,” said Game Commission Wildlife Veterinarian Andrew Di Salvo. “They are often the first to notice and report injured, sick or dead wildlife. All those extra sets of eyes and ears enable us to respond as quickly as possible and resolve or investigate the situation. We certainly appreciate their vigilance and look forward to continuing to work closely with them into the future.”

Much is still unknown about what caused the mortality event that has been documented since late May. The event was seen in at least 10 states, including Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

No definitive cause of illness or death has been determined. Research has ruled out many potential causes and there is no indication that feeding birds or maintaining birdbaths were contributing factors.