Perspective from a High School Athlete: I Had COVID-19, I Believe Sports are Needed

December 15, 2020

(Editor’s Note: This is a first-person perspective from Brockway junior Selena Buttery, a member of the Lady Rovers basketball team who was diagnosed with COVID-19. This is being run with Selena’s parents, Steve and Suzane Buttery’s permission) 

BROCKWAY, Pa. – Basketball has been the sport to keep me motivated ever since I was about 8 years old. As a kid, I would have never thought there would be a year where my season has the potential to be cancelled due to a global pandemic.

I think about the thought of losing a whole season, and I just get an overwhelming feeling because this sport is what I have focused on since I was a child. I have worked day-in-and-day-out to get where I am. An athlete’s junior year is a really important year to get recognized by colleges.

Sports are a haven for a lot of kids, an outlet for them to be themselves and to do something that they love. Students play sports to be involved, stay in shape, and to get scholarships. I really can’t imagine missing out on a whole season of basketball, my team has come so far, and we are so excited about our season this year. Now, we are all just keeping our fingers crossed to even have one.

I do understand that COVID is very real and prevalent. I have it, and it really did knock me down. I got very sick and slept almost all day long with really bad chest pains and the headaches never stopped.

But, taking away sports isn’t going to do very much to prevent the spread, it is just going to upset a lot of student-athletes who have worked and waited for their varsity seasons to start up.

Even with having COVID and going through the 10-day quarantine, I think sports should be allowed. Sports are sometimes all a kid has in their life and some people will just never understand that. We can do only so much to stop the spread, and by wearing your mask, not taking unnecessary trips to stores and restaurants, and just following the general guidelines for your area, we are helping stop the spread of COVID.

Selena Buttery with former University of Louisville star Monique Reid when Buttery attended a basketball camp at the age of 12. Submitted photo

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