Photo courtesy Valley Bowling Center.

Perfection: White has Two Perfect Games in One Series

December 12, 2020

YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – For the second straight week, Matt White rolled an 800 series during P2 Racing League play Monday at Valley Bowling Center. This time, he did it with some extra panache in the form of a pair of perfect games.

White opened his series by bowling 12 straight strikes. A perfect game 300.

Then, he did it again.

White was perfect through the first two games of his series, then finished with a 203 game for an 803 series.

Other results from around Valley follow:

P2 Racing League Monday Night: Matt White 300-300-203-803; Rob Buerkle 233-665; Alex Johnson 236-651; Ron Jameson 225-630; Jonathan Stuart 218-623; Alan Zubrod 224-585; Travis Gustafson 204-570; James Frazier 258-567

Tuesday Nite Ladies: Lynn Olsen 173-467; Michelle Enos 196-572

Ladies Church League: Pat Joy 166-480; Karen Bires 180-463

Brokenstraw Couples: Austin Fitzgerald 246-665, Pam Jameson 202-589

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