New Security Features Coming to Glade Twp Municipal Building

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GLADE TOWNSHIP, Pa. – The Glade Township Municipal Building is set to receive a security upgrade.

The Township Supervisors approved the purchase of security cameras and a door locking system during their regular meeting on Tuesday. Following a brief discussion, supervisors unanimously approved a $9,795 bid from Johnson Controls for equipment and installation.

“This (bid) came in a lot lower than I expected,” Vice Chairman Rusty Zigler said.

The township had the option to either purchase the equipment alone and find another contractor to install it (for approximately $7,700) or get the equipment complete with installation. They chose to have the same company provide the equipment and installation for continuity of service.

“I don’t think I’d piece it out, in case there’s an issue,” Supervisor Will Pearson said. “Let them do the whole thing. If somebody else is running the cable and it doesn’t work . . .”

The work will provide external security cameras on the building as well as a locking mechanism on the door that will require visitors to be buzzed in from someone inside.

The township will use American Rescue Plan dollars to complete the purchase.