New podcast investigates Damien Sharp’s disappearance


Damien Sharp will have been gone 20 years this May.

A new podcast, called “Smoke: The Disappearance of Damien Sharp” will launch on May 25, examining the case, the people involved, and the context within which Damien went missing over ten one-hour episodes.

A joint effort between Brian Hagberg of Your Daily Local and Stacey Gross of Two Moms Media, the podcast will go back to the beginning, focusing on what’s factual about the case and what’s speculative.

Part of the goal is for the renewed attention to jog the memories of those who knew and interacted with Damien, as well as those who spent time around the places he was last known to be.

By going back to the beginning, we hope to clarify what’s rumor and what’s factually known. We want to examine how unresolved cases become urban legends, and how that can complicate the jobs of the police officers and other law enforcement agencies tasked with finding the missing.

What we know for sure is that Damien was last seen on May 25, 2002, at the corner of Dahl and Prospect Streets in Warren. After that, there are a lot of stories about what happened to Damien, but so far nothing has ever been sure enough to stick, at least for law enforcement.

The first three episodes will launch on your favorite podcast listening app on May 25, with new episodes released each Wednesday through June.

Until then, we’re looking for your help. We want anyone with any memories of Damien, or any memories of that weekend – with or without Damien in them – to get ahold of us (send us a message on Facebook.)

Tell us what you remember. What was going on in Warren County 20 years ago? What contextual elements are important to remember? And what, if anything, do you remember about Damien himself?

The podcast will feature first-person stories from those who knew Damien, allowing him to become more than just the 5’7″, 170 pound, blonde haired skater kid who went missing.

We’re going to hear from family, from those invovled with investigating the case, and we’re going to be reaching out to a lot of people whose names have come up to track down any factual basis for their association to the case whatsoever – once and for all.

This is a community story. Damien’s absence for the past 20 years has added a color to the psychological landscape of Warren County whether we knew him or not. And it could come down to some small detail, some memory of the past 20 years that’s been long forgotten. Until now.

“Smoke” will be a community bonfire, and we invite you to come sit around it to hear and tell us what you know about Damien Sharp, starting May 25, 2022.