‘Maintain in its Present Form’


WARREN, Pa. – Warren City Council passed a motion to “maintain Breeze Point Landing in its present form” during its regular meeting Monday night.

Councilman Phil Gilbert made the motion after receiving approximately 47 emails from constituents opposing the proposed hotel development at Breeze Point. The motion passed, 6-1, with only Gregory Fraser voting against.

“I just want everyone to know that I’m not against the hotel,” Gilbert said prior to making the motion. “I’m just against the location, and I’m for working with our businesses we have down in that area. As much as I want to see development a city. I don’t think that location is the best way to go.”

Gilbert said nearly every email he received opposed the proposed hotel project. Councilman John Wortman also said he received numerous emails from constituents opposed to the project.

“The constituents that I am elected to represent, do not support this endeavor,” Wortman said. “I have received too many emails to count about this project, and not one single city resident has emailed me saying that it was a good idea. This is contrasted with the dozens of emails, opposing the project from the people I took an oath to represent, and serve.”

The proposed project has come under fire in recent months as citizens expressed their opposition, if not to the project itself, at least to building it at Breeze Point. A number of residents attended a protest there in October.

City Manager Nancy Freenock laid out the benefits of the proposed development, while Allegheny Outfitters’ Piper VanOrd explained the potential drawbacks in a series on Your Daily Local in January.

The motion, as passed, doesn’t preclude future improvements at the site Mayor Maurice Cashman explained.

“If the city decides to put another gazebo, that doesn’t preclude that,” Cashman said. “The other thing is the boat launch, I think everybody is in favor of, that certainly can go forward. So, we were trying to think of the best motion. To do this without precluding maybe some later future development there.”