Letter: Get Out and Vote


Dear Editor,

It’s not often you have a 26-year-old writing to the news like this, but here we are.

It’s crucial that our generation vote in this election. We have an opportunity to make sure this Commonwealth continues on the right path that leads to everyone’s safety. Most legislators on the right will do anything to make sure rural PA can’t relate to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, etc. Our commonwealth is strongest when we vote to protect each other.

Foster (right) with Pennsylvania Lt. Gov., and U.S. Senate candidate, John Fetterman. Photo submitted by the author.

If we bond over similar issues they know we’ll vote to change the PA legislature. Warren and Philadelphia have similar issues with broadband accessibility. There are kids hungry in Warren and Pittsburgh. We have the same struggles and we must vote to protect each other as a commonwealth. So as a 26-year-old bisexual writing out of Clarendon, I encourage you to vote this year.

Zachary Foster

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