Leonard Marg

February 1, 2021

Leonard August Marg of Sugar Grove, Pa., passed away at his home January 21, 2021.  He was 85 years old.

Lenny was born Dec. 20, 1935, to Bernard and Rachel Marg. Lenny had to quit school at an early age and later on earning his GED.  He held numerous jobs (including a milkman which contributed to his good work ethic) to help support his family at a young age.  He later joined the Marines, and then became a member of the New York Housing Authority Police Department,  where he excelled and earned him many awards within the department.  Lenny was a proud veteran of the military (Marines), flying both the U.S flag and the Marine Corps flag at his house.  He also supported the American Legion and all veterans of the military.

Lenny had many loyal friends over the years.  If you paid him a visit, you were most likely to hear about his time on the job, his interests of WWII, religion, or even his family.  Lenny loved all of his family, including his nieces, nephew, and in-laws who he lost contact with the later part of life.  Nonetheless, he loved Debra, Annette, Patricia, Richard, Suzanne, Lisa, and Nancy;  as well as his in-laws, Connie (Frank), Barbara (Richard), Mike and Anne.  Lenny shared many quality years with Joan.

Lenny did have a quirky and loveable side to him too.  When out at a restaurant, Lenny would go into his “French routine”.  He would make use of his believable French accent while ordering a meal leaving the waitress somewhat confused, only to let the waitress off the hook afterward.  He loved the attention it brought him.  Family members who accompanied him would say, “There he goes again”.  With Lenny, this wasn’t just limited to restaurants.  Members of the community often witnessed this for themselves.  After informing some people of Lennie’s passing, this writer learned of similar stories through their testimony.  They spoke of Lenny being a sweet man who loved his wife, telling intriging stories, and his ability to make them laugh.

Lennie’s family would like to most graciously thank all of his many friends and neighbors surrounding his life in Sugar Grove.  Special thanks to Joyce who helped him in many ways over the last few years.  Also special thanks to longtime friends, Ruth and Bruce who shared many cups of coffee with Kay and Lennie.   Vince and Marlene, thank you so much for being a large part of Kay and Lennie’s life.

Lenny was also preceded in death by his beloved wife, Kay-Bear (Florette Kathleen Marg) in 2016. They were married on June 18, 1983.  Lenny retired from the police force, and in 1988, they left Long Island and retired to the Rainbow Acres Farm in Sugar Grove, Pa.  Although Lenny never really got the knack of farming, he loved animals and the peaceful lifestyle that Rainbow Acres afforded him.  Lenny and Kay attended the Sugar Grove Free  Methodist Church and volunteered in the church’s food pantry and Outpost ministries.  Together they enjoyed going to the Lakewood Rod and Gun, square dancing, traveling, entertaining friends, playing cards, and spending quality time with their grandchildren.  Lenny was also an active member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Lenny is survived by three cherished great granddaughters; Alexa Marg, Autum Marg (who Lennie called his little torpedo due to her abundant amount of energy zooming her from place to place), and Rachel Peterson; ten beloved grandchildren, Eric (Miranda) Peterson, Michael Peterson, Bobby (Samantha) Peterson, Matthew Marg, Joseph Marg, Sara (Alan) Marg, Michelle Marg, Michael Marg, Melissa Marg and Mitchell Marg; three step-children, Robert (Patricia) Peterson, Richard (April) Peterson and Clare (Gary) Funk; and two sons, Michael (Martha) and David (Karen).

Eric, Mike and Bobby have fond memories of family vacations, long walks, camping on the farm, target shooting, playing cards, taking flying lessons, and Grandpa Lenny singing his favorite song:  “Froggy went a courting”.  Lenny’s bonus family will always remember him as a loving father figure and grandfather who was an influential part of their lives.  His grandkids would like the world to know ” That words will never describe how much we will miss grandpa”.

In Lenny’s words, “I’m 85, but I’m still cute”.  Rest in peace Dad.


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