Jukes, Henry Top Varsity Bowling Teams at Valley Bowling Center


Tommy Jukes and Becca Henry, both of Youngsville, led the Varsity bowling teams at Valley Bowling Center this week.

Jukes fired a 745 handicap series and Henry a 651.

Youngsville dominated this week, with Josh Walsh (654), Austin Peterson (641) and Dominic Sproveri (628) followed Jukes.

Finishing behind Henry were Maygan Stoddard (628), Savannah Upton (615) and Corinthia Edwards (609).

This season, Valley Bowling Center has introduced the concept of weekly “varsity teams” based on series handicap. High school bowlers in the Saturday Strikers, Youngsville Middle/High School and Warren High School Leagues are eligible for the varsity teams.

Becca Henry

Maygan Stoddard

Savannah Upton

Corinthia Edwards

Josh Walsh

Austin Peterson

Dominic Sproveri