In the Middle: Parks, Recreation and Landscape Committee Discusses Best Options for Center of Roundabout

WARREN, Pa. – With the roundabout at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and Market St. in Warren nearing completion, the planning process is underway for what will adorn the center of it.

At Tuesday’s City of Warren Parks, Recreation and Landscape meeting, Department of Public Works Superintendent Joe Reinke suggested that, among the options discussed, a hemlock tree would be the best option.

“I think planting a tree in the middle with lights that could be lit at Christmas time would be a good option,” Reinke said. “We could do a hemlock with a rock garden.”

The hemlock tree idea was met with approval from the committee, as it is the state tree of Pennsylvania.

“It’s pretty and low maintenance,” Reinke said.

Reinke also addressed the concerns of some in the public that whatever is put in the middle could be a potential safety hazard.

“No matter what you put in the middle, it’s not a safety hazard,” he said. “The retaining wall is going to be 3 feet.”