Hess Dominates Super Late Models and UMP Modifeds for Two More Wins at Eriez

Photo courtesy Eriez Speedway.

HAMMETT, Pa. – Sunday’s racing was to benefit the French Creek Animal Rescue. Regular racing in all classes was on tap with regular-length features for each class. At the end of the night it was Dave Hess Jr prevailing in the Mill Run Collision Super Late Models feature

, Chub Frank in the Nic Dit Trucking / Empire RUSH Crate Late Model feature, Hess Jr in the Waterford Hotel UMP Modifieds, Jarett Young in the Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods, John Boardman in the Curtze Food Service ProStocks, Mikael Beaver in Everhart Asphalt / E T Motorsports RUSH ProStocks, and Brandon Huffman in the L & D Tree Service Challengers.

Dave Hess Jr and Greg Oakes were the front row for the start of the Mill Run Collision Super Late Model 25-lap main event. Hess led Oakes, Khole Wanzer, Bump Hedman, and Mike Knight at one lap. By three laps Knight was third with Frank and Wanzer side by side for fourth. Frank got the spot and at five laps Steve Kania took over fifth. The order at halfway was still Hess, Oakes, Knight, Frank, and Kania with Hess’s lead over a quarter lap. The top five remained the same through to the finish. The winner of the “Hard Charger” award presented by Lee, at Mill Run Collision was Knight, who gained three positions from start to finish of the all-green feature.

Scott Gurdak and Chub Frank, both former champions, brought the Nic Dit Trucking / Empire RUSH Crate Late Models to Mark Matthews’s green with the field only getting to turn one when Robbie Coffaro spun up to the retaining wall. When lap one was in the books it was Frank with the lead over Gurdak, Darrell Bossard, Mike Knight, and Khole Wanzer. Jason Genco, a former track champion, took over fifth at lap two, then fourth at lap three. At lap five Logan Jaquay and Paul Norman spun in turns one and two. The order remained the same through to the next caution, at lap six, for Gary Youngs, spun in turns three and four. The order at halfway was Frank, Gurdak, Bossard, Genco, and Knight. Genco, a former class champion, wrestled third away from Bossard, also a former class champion, at lap sixteen. At seventeen laps Knight was fourth and at the white flag Genco was second. The top five wound up being Frank, Genco, Knight, Bossard, and Gurdak, all five with at least one Eriez Championship.

The Waterford Hotel UMP Modifieds had Shane Crotty and Troy Johnson bringing the field to green with Crotty leading Johnson, a former champion, two more former champions, Joel Watson and Dave Hess Jr third and fourth, with Steve Simon fifth. Hess was third at lap four and near even with Johnson at four laps. At five laps the order was Crotty, Hess, Watson, Johnson, and Simon, three champions in the top five. At eight laps Hess took over from Crotty for the lead at turn two. At ten laps Watson took second from Crotty. The halfway top five were Hess, Watson, Crotty, Simon, and Casey Bowers. At fourteen laps Watson spun in turn two from second. At fifteen laps it was Hess leading Crotty, Simon, Michael McGee, and Bowers. McGee got sideways in turn two at sixteen laps, allowing Bowers to grab the position. At the checkers it was Hess, Crotty, Simon, Bowers, and McGee.

The Curtze Food Service ProStocks feature had former champion John Boardman and Steve Yokum leading the charge to green with Boardman the leader at lap two over Yokum, Bill Applebee, former champion Chris Withers, and Chad Ramsey. Withers was third at four laps. The halfway order was Boardman, Yokum, Withers, Applebee, and Ramsey. Withers took over second at lap ten and Ramsey was fourth at lap twelve. The top five wound up being Boardman, Withers, Yokum, Ramsey, and Applebee. the event ran green to checkers with no cautions.

Steve Simon and Jarett Young were at the front of the Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods feature with Young immediately taking the lead over Simon, Zach Lenart, and Garrett Calvert, with Nate Young and John Boyd side by side for fifth. At two laps Calvert was third with Nate Young fourth and Boyd fifth. Yellow appeared at lap five when Gary Sullivan spun in turn one. At six laps Nate Young spun in turn one, with Boyd sent to the rear for his part in the spin. At seven laps it was Jarett Young leading Calvert, Simon, Lenart, and Bobby Vogt. At halfway Vogt was up to fourth with Nate Young now fifth. Brandon Porter spun in turn two at nine laps and before the race could get to the next green Ryan Howard spun in turn four. At ten laps it was Jarett Young still leading Simon, Calvert, Nate Young, and Vogt. Lenart got back up to fifth at lap thirteen when Vogt slid high in turn two. On the main straight at thirteen laps Calvert scraped the wall, bounced off and into the side of Nate Young, spinning him off into the infield at the entrance to turn one. That was the final yellow with Jarett Young gaining another win, Simon second, Calvert third, Lenart fourth, and Gary Olson fifth.

Mikael Beaver was the only entrant for the Everhart Asphalt / E T Motorsports RUSH ProStocks division so was awarded a win for the record books.

The L&D Tree Service Challengers capped off the evening but their feature didn’t even get all cars to the green before yellow was necessary when Andy Proper, a former champion, slammed the concrete retaining wall coming out of turn four at the green. The next try at racing failed when Theresa Maloney spun in turn one. As yellow was being shown Camden Van Hooser, Dane Artz II, and Joe Lindberg were stopped or spun in turn three. When the race got underway again it was pole-sitter Brandon Huffman leading lap one with Jessica Harvey, Brian McGarvie, Nick Robie, and Mark Lawrence filling out the top five. At lap four Chris Horton was fifth and he advanced to fourth at lap six. With one lap to go Harvey and McGarvie were near side by side at the line for second with Harvey prevailing for the spot. The final top five were Huffman, Harvey, McGarvie, Horton, and Lawrence. As the leaders took the checkered flag Phillip Powell flipped his racer in turns three and four, reportedly rolling three complete times. He was unhurt.

Mill Run Collision Super Late Models
Heat: Greg Oakes, Dave Hess Jr, Chub Frank, Mike Knight, Khole Wanzer, Bump Hedman, Easton Hedman, Steve Kania, Chad Wright
Feature: Dave Hess Jr, Greg Oakes, Mike Knight, Chub Frank, Steve Kania, Chad Wright, Khole Wanzer, Bump Hedman, Easton Hedman

Nic Dit Trucking / Empire RUSH Crate Late Models
Heat 1: Chub Frank, Scott Gurdak, Khole Wanzer, David Parker, Darrin Waldron, Robbie Coffaro, Gary Youngs
Heat 2: Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Mike Knight, Jason Genco, Logan Jaquay, Paul Norman
Feature: Chub Frank, Jason Genco, Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, David Parker, Khole Wanzer, Logan Jaquay, Paul Norman, Darrin Waldron, Robbie Coffaro, Gary Youngs

The Waterford Hotel UMP Modifieds
Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr, Troy Johnson, Steve Simon, Chris Peterson, John Boyd, Steve Rex, Eric Reinwald, Hunter Hulley, David Warrior
Heat 2: Joel Watson, Shane Crotty, Casey Bowers, Matt Alexander, Michael McGee, Geoff Conn, Travis Creech, Braidy Westfall
Feature: Dave Hess Jr, Shane Crotty, Steve Simon, Casey Bowers, Michael McGee, Steve Rex, John Boyd, Geoff Conn, Eric Reinwald, Matt Alexander, Chris Peterson, Braidy Westfall, Travis Creech, Joel Watson, David Warrior, Hunter Hulley, Troy Johnson

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods
Heat 1: Jarett Young, Nate Young, John Boyd, Dominic DePonceau, Todd Miller, Mike Johnstone, Ryan Howard
Heat 2: Steve Simon, Zach Lenart, Bobby Vogt, Gary Olson, Brandon Porter, Gary Sullivan, Alex Siekkinen (DNS)
Feature: Jarett Young, Steve Simon, Garrett Calvert, Bobby Vogt, Gary Olson, John Boyd, Zach Lenart, Gary Sullivan, Mike Johnstone, Todd Miller, Dominic DePonceau, Brandon Porter, Ryan Howard, Nate Young, Alex Siekkinen

Curtze Food Service ProStocks
New Motors Super Late Models
Heat 1: Steve Yokum, Chris Withers, Chad Ramsey, Gary Fisher, Chris Fenno
Heat 2: Steve Boardman, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Bill Applebee, Kyle Schreckengost, Ron Boardman
Feature: John Boardman, Chris Withers, Steve Yokum, Chad Ramsey, Bill Applebee, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Kyle Schreckengost, Ron Boardman, Chris Fenno, Gary Fisher

Everhart Asphalt / E T Motorsports RUSH ProStocks
Heat: Mikael Beaver
Feature: Mikael Beaver

L &D Tree Service Challengers
Heat 1: Brandon Huffman, Brian McGarvie, Phillip Powell, Dalton Eggleston, Tylar Youngs, Dane Artz II, Andrew Smith, Jimmy White, Matt Daugherty, Todd Hanlon, Carl White Jr
Heat 2: Jessica Harvey, Mark Lawrence, Collin Larson, Andy Proper, Ken Luma, Carl Marcy, Corey Mason, Theresa Maloney, Rachel White, Jack Warrior, Jeremy White, Ethan White
Heat 3: Nick Robie, Nicholas Reed, Chris Horton, ZacK Eller, Camden VanHooser, James Weigle, Joey Lindberg, Aaron Cole, John Bailey, Rychard Andrzeewski, Joe Richter
Feature: Brandon Huffman, Jessica Harvey, Brian McGarvie, Chris Horton, Mark Lawrence, Nick Robie, Matt Marcy, Zack Eller, Ken Luma, Nicholas Reed, Andrew Smith, Collin Larson, Camden Van Hooser, Dalton Eggleston, James Weigle, Phillip Powell, Theresa Maloney, John Bailey, Corey Mason, Andy Proper, Tylar Youngs, Dane Artz II, Joey Lindberg, Jeremy White