Glade Burn Change on January Agenda for Adoption

December 17, 2020

GLADE TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Glade Township Supervisors moved one step closer to updating the nuisance ordinance when they approved a language change during their regular meeting Tuesday.

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The language change centers on outdoor burning, specifically narrowing the list of items that may be burned. The supervisors discussed the change during their Nov. 17 meeting.

The change stemmed from complaints the township received during the year. The supervisors plan to have final approval of the change on the agenda for the Jan. 5 meeting.

The language approved at Tuesday’s meeting will be added to Article 2, Section E of the ordinance, if adopted, and is as follows:

“Burnable materials shall include the following:
Paper – includes newsprint, wrapping paper, paper products or sheet paper items. Paper used to absorb oils or other noxious or toxic materials, plastic coated paper; paper attached to other non-burnable materials, or any other paper product that is wet shall not be included as burnable paper products, and are hereby prohibited from burning
Cardboard and Chipboard – Includes cardboard & chipboard boxes, sheets, packing materials, etc. Excluded and not permitted to be burned are materials used to absorb all oil or other noxious or toxic materials; cardboard or chipboard in combination with any other non-burnable materials,
Wood – Includes any unpainted wood or wood product. Excluded and not permitted to be burned are any wood that has been chemically treated to prevent lot or moisture damage, or other similar treatment; wood products that have a high glue content, such as Flakeboard or Composition Board; and wood products in combination with any non-burnable materials.

Non-Burnable Materials – the following is a partial list of those materials that are classified as “non-Burnable” under the guidelines of this Ordinance.
-Plastic; rubber, oils, asbestos; composition boards; shingles; felt paper; canvas; fiber glass, vinyl; or any similar materials, or any combination of the above with any other materials.
-Human or animal waste; sanitary napkins, diapers; food solids, oil filters; or any other materials individually or in combination, that emit smoke, or acrid, obnoxious or toxic odors.”


As part of the 2021 budget, the township was forced to include a new health insurance policy for its employees.

The current policy was set to expire at the end of 2020 and was no longer available for renewal. Knowing the policy was popular with township employees, the supervisors sought employee input before deciding on a new plan.

“We want to be the employer of choice,” Supervisor Rusty Zigler said.

Township employees will continue to have a no-cost policy, but the annual deductible increased to $1,000.

“We (employees) were all satisfied with the plan, Township Secretary/Treasurer Tiffany Smith said.

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