Feeding the Frontline

December 11, 2020

WARREN, Pa. – Healthcare workers across the region have been on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic for nine months. One local business is trying to make sure they have the fuel to see the fight through to its end.

(Graphic courtesy Total Evolution Café)

Total Evolution Café and Lounge in Warren has started a “Frontline Worker Campaign” to help bring fresh, healthy foods to health care workers throughout the region.

“It is the least we can do,” Total Evolution’s Lisa Streich-Means said. “Hopefully, it makes an impact.”

Customers can go to Total Evolution’s website and purchase one of the options under the “Frontline Workers Catering” menu. The trays are delivered to a facility of the purchaser’s choosing.

“Each tray comes with a small postcard with thanks and the name(s) of who donated, unless they wish to be unnamed, at which point we just put ‘the community’,” Streich-Means said.

The trays are priced at cost, and there is also an option to donate to a general fund for trays is someone is unable to purchase a full tray themselves.

“If a tray costs us less to make than someone paid, the extra profit goes back into the fund, OR we include extras like granola samples or LifeAid beverage (ImmunityAid) packets to make sure they are getting every penny from what was spent,” Streich-Means said.

To help keep workers safe, items on each tray are individually wrapped.

“Everything we put out is individually packaged, so they aren’t actually sharing off a tray,” Streich-Means said. “Even our chips and salsa we are packing in individual bags and salsa cups.”

Streich-Means and Café Manager Kyle Zavinski are making all the deliveries personally.

“We have gone as far as Olean and have orders in for Kane and Chautauqua,” Streich-Means said. “We are 100 percent willing to go probably as far as Erie even if people order.”

Total Evolution launched the campaign Tuesday and has already seen tremendous support from the community.

“People that know we are doing it are incredibly appreciative and supportive,” Streich-Means said.

If the demand is great enough, Streich-Means said Total Evolution is willing to sacrifice even more to help frontline workers.

“If we get flooded with orders, we’ve already said we would close daily operations in the Café to keep this going because the healthcare workers NEED good food,” Streich-Means said.

Total Evolution will continue offering the Frontline menu until the pandemic is over.

“We just feel really strongly about making this a huge thing in Warren and coming together as a community,” Streich-Means said.

Orders or donations may be placed online, by phone at (814) 779-8571 or in the Café at 334 Pennsylvania Avenue West in Warren.


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