Explorer Post Seeks To Raise Awareness, Recruit Younger Generation Into Emergency Services Field

November 25, 2020
Savannah Casey co-founded the Explorer Post four years ago with the hopes of raising awareness in our local Warren community on the need for volunteer firefighters and to help with recruiting the younger generation into an emergency services professional field.

The Explorer Post is a co-ed organization that serves, educates, and trains juniors, ages 14-21, and adults of Warren County on fire and emergency service-related topics.
There are currently five junior members:
  • Jacob Bullock, Post Chief, volunteers at Starbrick VFD, age 18
  • Lucas Weber, age 18, volunteered at North Warren VFD before joining the military after graduating high school this year, currently serving as 2nd Lieutenant
  • Hunter Seelinger, Assistant Chief, volunteers at Starbrick VFD, age 16
  • Alex Huffman, 1st Lieutenant, age 15, volunteers with Glade VFD and North Warren VFD
  • Haiden Ristau, age 14, volunteers with Glade VFD

The Post is under the umbrella of the Chief Cornplanter Council, BSA, of Warren County.

“I have a treasurer/secretary, Nancy Bullock, and multiple committee/board members. Currently, I am the only Adult Leader of the organization,” Casey said. “We partner with our local volunteer fire departments when junior members need approval on trainings and help with obtaining certain certificates. All juniors of the post have or are going to graduate from the EMS/EMT course and all currently serve with a local department in Warren County.
“Our mission is to raise awareness on the need for volunteer fire fighters in Warren County. We offer educational activities and events for the public to attend that further identifies the need for emergency service personnel in our community and offers insights on how to stay safe in certain situations. We offer our services to other organizations for use in traffic control, help at events, etc.”
Their Facebook page can be found here.

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