East Forest Lunch Bunch Buddies

East Forest fourth graders enjoying a Lunch Brunch Buddies Day including Sophia Stubbs, Ryder Summers, Peyton Wonderling, Kyleah Best, Cheyenne Grantz, KayLeanna Zeigler, Keileigh Clarke, Jackson Sekera, Emma DeLay, Addison Spence, and Branch Yeany.

MARIENVILLE, Pa. – The East Forest fourth grade class had its turn at having lunch with its elementary school counselor, Corey Gibson.

During the year, students in grades kindergarten through eight grade in the Forest Area School District take turns doing special activities with Gibson.

The students usually grab their lunch from the cafeteria and then go back to their classroom. Sometimes, they watch a video on the SMART board or projector while eating lunch. After the video, they discuss what happened and the students talk about how they can be kind to one another. They go to the gym afterward and work on their social skills while getting some exercise.

According to Forest Area School District, exercise is so important for improving academic performance and promoting strong bones and muscles. It can even improve their mental health.