‘EA Crew’ Wins Dance Division at The ONE Competition in Orlando

The 'EA Crew' team with their championship banner following The ONE competition in Orlando. Photo courtesy Nicole Carrie.

The Extreme Athletix Hip Hop team “EA Crew” competed at The ONE Cheer and Dance competition in Orlando, Florida May 1 – 2. After two days of competition, the team won their dance division. The ONE held four regional competitions in Sandusky, Ohio, Virginia Beach, Virginia, New Orleans and Orlando. The winners of each division will now be entered into a national competition to crown a grand champion.

The ‘EA Crew’ team, minus one who was ill, with its championship banner in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Photo courtesy Nicole Carrie.

The EA Crew team chose to compete in Orlando, in part, because it was held later than other locations.

We chose Orlando because of the later date so we had time to prepare as our cheer season went until April 11,” EA coach Nicole Carrie said. “Orlando has been a goal of the program for years, and well, it is Orlando. It was also the largest of the 4 locations.”

The Grand Champion competition will be held virtually.

“The ONE submits the videos of all the location champions to a panel of judges later this month to be judged virtually,” Carrie said.

Anyone interested in joining the Extreme Athletix team may register at the Warren County YMCA.

“We welcome all children ages 3 to 18,” Carrie said. “We have summer sessions coming up and registration for next season starts soon.”

More information about Extreme Athletix can be found at their website.