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Double Grabs Extra Economod Cash at Raceway 7

July 12, 2021

MONROE CENTER, Ohio – Bikers Against Child Abuse added cash to the Lakeview Ford Economod winner’s purse at Raceway 7 where BACA had a display with information on abuse.

Jeremy Double took the extra with a daring last turn pass for the lead over race-long front-runner Travis Creech. In other action Chris Bugielski got his first-ever win in the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stock finale, Chas Wolbert got another Campbell’s Mini storage RUSH Modified win, Breyton Santee scored another Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Late Model win, and Casey Bowers returned to the Winner’s Circle after the Whelen Engineering UMP Modified feature.

The Lakeview Ford Economods were the featured class of the night, paying $1000 to win the fifteen-lap main event. Bikers Against Child Abuse sponsored the extra purse for the event. After heats determined the starting line-up, Travis Creech and Kevin Vanderhoof were on the front row for the fifteen-lap event. Yellow appeared as the cars exited turn two when Norman Hare slowed to a halt. When lap one was complete Creech was the leader over Jarett Young, Vanderhoof, Garrett Calvert, and Jordan Simmons. At turn four Vanderhoof spun from third, bringing caution over the field. It was now Creech, Jarett Young, Calvert, Simmons, and Vincent DiPizzo leading the way. With two laps in Mitchell Wright had come to fourth from ninth on the grid, dropping Simmons to fifth. Jeremy Double came into fourth at lap five all the way from sixteenth at the green. Yellow was shown at lap four for Zach Etzel, spun in turn four. Then at turn two Jarrett Young and Judson Fell got together and stopped. By lap six Double was fighting with Calvert for second when Joe Dewoody spun in turn four. Double was right on Creech’s rear bumper at seven laps and only had a .077 second lead at lap eight when yellow again appeared, this time for Dale Reiser and Tyler Dunmire, spun in turn four. At this point, Jarett Young had come all the way from last at the restart to seventh. Another yellow at lap eight for Dewoody, Mitchell Wright, Brandon Porter, and Fell, all together. With nine laps in it was a side-by-side fight again for the lead with Creech still barely leading Double when Etzel spun again in turn two. At ten laps Simmons was second behind Creech with Double third, Ty Rhoades fourth, and Calvert fifth. With only three laps left Simmons spun from third for the final caution period. With one lap left Creech held the lead but Double drove hard into turn three and managed to complete a last turn pass for the win and the $1000 payday. Creech settled for second with Jarett Young all the way up to third, Calvert fourth and Wright fifth.

The Campbell’s Mini Storage RUSH Modifieds had Kyle Martell and Ayden Cipriani on the front row for the green but it was fourth-starting Chas Wolbert leading the way after one lap over Martell, Cipriani, and Garrett Krummert. At lap five Martell and Krummert were side by side for second, Cipriani fourth, and Rob Kristyak fifth. Krummert held second at six laps, then Cipriani spun at lap seven in turn two. At halfway Wolbert had a 1.395 second lead over Krummert, Martell, Kristyak (from tenth on the grid), and Justin Shea, from ninth. Greg Porter spun at turn one with six to go. With two to go Justin Shea and Krystiak were side by side for fourth and were still near-even at the white flag. At the finish it was Wolbert, Krummert, Martell, Shea, and Krystyak.

Justin Sax and Joe Gabrielson brought the twenty-three Whelen Engineering UMP Modifieds to green with fourth-starting Casey Bowers leading at the end of one green flag lap over Sax, Gabrielson, former champion Dennis Lunger, and Brent Rhebergen, the defending class champion. Lunger was third at two laps over Rhebergen with he and Rhebergen separated by only .008 seconds at lap four, Lunger holding a slight edge. Rhebergen was fourth after three laps and Nate Young, the 2020 Economod champion, was fourth at lap five. At the front Bowers was pulling away, leading by 2.726 seconds at lap six and extending that to 3.251 seconds at seven laps. At halfway Bowers had a 3.785 second lead over Sax, Young, Rhebergen, and Gabrielson. Young was second at lap eleven and closing, the gap shrinking it to 2.612 seconds. The gap disappeared completely at lap fourteen when Mark Titus spun in turn four. With four to go Young was challenging for the lead on the backstretch but Bowers hung on to the spot. At eighteen laps Young slipped wide in turn four and fell back to 1.155 seconds from the lead. Bowers went on to the win over Young, Rhebergen, Gabrielson, and Sax.

Breyton Santee and Matt Latta brought the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Late Models to green with Santee leading Latta, Joe Long, Billy Henry, and Cory Sines through lap one. At five laps in, a slow-moving car got in the way of the leaders with Santee able to safely get by but Latta getting clipped and turned into the front straight wall. At the green Long stalled and could not refire, necessitating yellow and a push pitside. At lap nine Santee had a 2.275 second lead over Henry, increasing that to 2.811 seconds at halfway when Santee led Henry, Sines, Jim Rasey, and Steve Hollabaugh. By the finish Santee had a 5.015 seconds lead over Henry with Sines third, Rasey fourth, and Hollabaugh fifth.

The Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks started their feature, the night capper for the evening, with Chris Bugielski and Alexis Vogt leading the way. On lap one, two cars were collected in an incident in turn two. By the end of lap two Bugielski was leading fifth starting Jessica Harvey, fourth starting Brian McGarvie, seventh starting Joe Campbell, a former champion, and tenth starting Alan Sousa. Kevin Watson took fifth at lap three but Sousa again held it at lap five. The order at halfway was Bugielski, Harvey, Campbell, McGarvie, and Sousa. With the white flag flying, a lapped car slowed the leader, allowing Harvey to briefly lead but Bugielski quickly regained control of the race. When the checkers fell it was Bugielski for his first-ever win over Harvey, Campbell, McGarvie, and Sousa.

Lakeview Ford Economods – 23 entries
Heat 1: Travis Creech, Kevin Vanderhoof, Branden Porter, Kyle Adkins, Mike Higgens, Jeremy Double, Tyler Dunmire, Bob Vogt Jr
Heat 2: Jarett Young, Vincent DiPizzo, Joe Dewoody, Dale Reiser, Chris Runyon, Alan Sousa, Norman Hare, Dan Moffitt (DNS)
Heat 3: Mitchell Wright, Garrett Calvert, Jordan Simmons, Judson Fell, Alex Siekkinen, Zach Etzel, Emily Stoyer, Ty Rhoades
Feature: Jeremy Double, Travis Creech, Jarett Young, Ty Rhoades, Garrett Calvert, Mitchell Wright, Vincent DiPizzo, Kevin Vanderhoof, Kyle Adkins, Dale Reiser, Jordan Simmons, Zach Etzel, Joe Dewoody, Norman Hare, Tyler Dunmire, Judson Fell, Brandon Porter, Alan Sousa, Chris Runyon, Mike Higgens, Alex Siekkinen, Bob Vogt Jr, Emily Stoyer (DNS), Dan Moffitt (DNS)

Campbell’s Mini Storage RUSH Modifieds – 18 entries
Heat 1: Garrett Krummert, Chas Wolbert, Greg Porter, Rob Kristyak, Jacob Jordan, Doug Rutana
Heat 2: Kole Holden, Dave Price, Kyle Martell, Preston Cope, Brandon Tercho, Cameron McFadden
Heat 3: Ayden Cipriano, Justin Shea, Gage Priester, Brandon Ritchey, Cole Edwards, Jeff Schaffer, Steve Burns
Feature: Chas Wolbert, Garrett Krummert, Kyle Martell, Justin Shea, Rob Kristyak, Preston Cope, Brandon Ritchey, Kole Holden, Jacob Jordan, Gage Priester, Steven Burns, Jerry Schaffer, Dave Price, Ayden Cipriani, Doug Rutana, Cole Edwards, Greg Porter, Cameron McFadden. Brandon Tercho

Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Late Models – 13 entries
Heat 1: Matt Latta, Breyton Santee, Cory Sines, Jim Rasey, Steve Hollabaugh, Dennis Dellinger, Tim Cole
Heat 2: Billy Henry, Joe Long, Jonathan Stockdale, Gary Youngs, Albert Bull, Konar Loney
Feature: Breyton Santee, Billy Henry, Cory Sines, Jim Rasey, Steve Hollabaugh, Matt Latta, Gary Youngs, John Stockdale, Dennis Dellinger, Albert Bull, Joe Long, Tim Cole, Konar Loney (DNS)

Whelen Engineering UMP Modifieds – 23 entries
Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Joe Gabrielson, Jim Plance, Troy Johnson, Mark Titus, Eric Reinwald, Alan Atkinson, Tyler Frankenberry
Heat 2: Brent Rhenbergen, Mike Kinney, Dan Davies, Justin Sax, Dustin Demattia, Josh McDonald, Jeff Johnson, Dan McEwen
Heat 3: Casey Bowers, Joel Watson, Dan McDonald, Nate Young, Mike Potosky, Matt Alexander, Chuck Steinle Jr
Feature: Casey Bowers, Nate Young, Brent Rhebergen, Joe Gabrielson, Justin Sax, Joel Watson, Dan Davies, Dustin Demattia, Mike Kinney Troy Johnson, Dan McDonald, Dennis Lunger, Jim Plance, Alan Atkinson, Matt Alexander, Jeff Johnson, Eric Reinwald, Mike Potosky, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle Jr, Josh McDonald, Dan McEwen (DNS), Tyler Frankenberry (DNS)

Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks – 19 entries
Heat 1: Chris Bugielski, Kevin Watson, Brian McGarvie, Alan Sousa, Zoey Gill, Trisha Jacklett, Steve Campbell
Heat 2: Mark Lawrence, Alexis Vogt, Joe Campbell, Devin Haefke, Zach Downes, Scott Gill, 3
Heat 3: Zack Eller, Jessica Harvey, Mike Barr, Jeremy Start, Ana Vassen, Austyn Richards
Feature: Chris Bugielski, Jessica Harvey, Joe Campbell, Brian McGarvie, Alan Sousa, Mark Lawrence, Zack Eller, Kevin Watson, Zoey Gill, Austyn Richards, Devin Haefke, Mike Barr, Jeremy Start, Ana Vassen, Alexis Vogt, Trisha Jacklett, 3, Zach Downes (DNS), Steve Campbell (DNS)

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