DHS Supplying Crisis Team to Meet with Parents

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RUSSELL, Pa. – The Department of Human Services is bringing a crisis team to Warren County this week to meet with parents in order to provide additional guidance and resources after the loss of two students to suicide last week.

According to Warren County School District Superintendent Amy Stewart, the team is coming from the Center for Community Resources and will hold three meetings this week.

“These meetings are for parents and the purpose is to go over signs and symptoms for parents to look for in their children,” Stewart said. “Some ideas on what to say how to say hotline numbers.”

There will be two meetings Wednesday and another Friday. The Wednesday meetings will be at 1 p.m. at Central Office and at 5 p.m. at Sheffield High School. Friday’s meeting will be at 5 p.m. at Warren Area High School.

In the announcement, Stewart also had a message for the community at large.

“Warren County is made up of a lot of different smaller communities,” Stewart said. “We all come from different backgrounds and different experiences. And that’s what makes us great. Right now, our kids are sitting back and observing everything that we as adults are doing both online and in person. I think that there’s one thing that we can all do that doesn’t cost a thing. And that is to simply be thoughtful and to be purposeful, about being kind and about being respectful to one another.”

Local businesses continue to open their doors to students in need as well. The Cornerstone Lounge announced that it is canceling its weekly pool league on Dec. 14 and opening its upstairs lounge for WAHS students looking for a place to gather and grieve.