Deadline to be Removed From Upset Tax Sale Approaching


WARREN, Pa. – The last day to pay 2020 taxes to be removed from the Upset Tax Sale is Sept. 23, per Warren County Director of Tax Claim Phil Gilbert.

Payment needs to be cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders and can be paid at the Warren County Courthouse or online (credit card only).

The last day to register (bid) for the sale is Sept. 16, with the sale taking place on Sept. 26.

The Upset Sale is the first sale that a property must go through. At this sale, properties that are two years delinquent in taxes will be auctioned. Bidders will be responsible for all past-due taxes, liens, mortgages, etc.

If the property remains unsold, it will be placed on the Repository List

The Upset Sale list is available online and is consistently updated. The current list is 35 pages long and has a total of 237 properties, per Gilbert.

For those that have 2021 taxes, those will be posted in October and that fee is $50. To avoid a posting, 2021 taxes need to be paid in full.