Critical Race Theory Discussed at Board Meeting


Could critical race theory be part of the future of the Warren County School District’s curriculum?

Jessica Steuart, who has two children in the Warren County School District, addressed the school board on Monday, advocating to have the subject introduced.

“Simply put, it’s an examination of how our history, laws and race co-exist and how each affect each other,” Steuart said. “Teaching critical race theory gives us a chance to see how our system benefits some and oppresses others. It’s been discussed in many forms of literature since the 1970s.”

The subject has been a hot-button issue throughout the country, with politicians getting involved and voicing their opinions both for and against. It has been banned in some areas and widely accepted in others.

“We have seen what a tailored education to certain majorities leads to,” Steuart said. “We need critical race theory so students can learn all of American history, its law and its system. It’s not just needed, but necessary. It opens up so many opportunities for conversations. It gives opportunities for minority groups to be included as they are now and have always been. We cannot keep avoiding uncomfortable truths. This is an attempt to educate children to be more informed and more compassionate people.”

WCSD Superintendent Amy Stewart thanked Steuart for her time and encouraged her to have further conversations.

“I would encourage you to have further dialogue with Eric (Mineweaser), our Director of Curriculum,” Stewart said.