County in Process of Drafting Request For Proposal For Property Reassessment


WARREN, Pa. – The Warren County Commissioners are in the process of drafting a Request For Proposal (RFP) to submit for property reassessment.

During their July 28 meeting, the commissioners voted to approve a tentative schedule for reassessment.

The county had a template to work off and has also used a recent RFP submitted by Tioga County to get the process rolling.

An (RFP) is essentially an open request for bids to complete a project.

“It takes a lot of sources to have these done routinely,” said Warren County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston. “This is a really good start. We’re hoping to finalize it so it can be released at the beginning of September. It’s going to take three of four weeks to get a response.

“The goal is to get pricing to incorporate into the budget. We want to get the ball rolling. It’s more of a boulder than a ball, really.”

Commissioner Tricia Durbin pointed out that there are two vendors in the commonwealth that are currently qualified to respond to the RFP.

“We want to make sure we have enough room in the process schedule to have as many vendors reply as possible,” Durbin said. “Since there are only two, we want to give them ample time to replay.”

Eggleston also noted that the idea would be to get a final RFP draft by the next work session (on Sept. 12) so the commissioners can approve it for release.

“Folks would then have until the end of September to provide proposals, which should be plenty of time,” Eggleston added.

The last time Warren County had a property reassessment was 1989.

“This resets the landscape so we don’t have the challenges to the assessments like we’ve had in the past,” Durbin said during the July 28 meeting. “That’s also a positive for the community and the county.”