County Exploring Avenues to Revamp Recycling Program

July 26, 2022

WARREN, Pa. – Saying the county is at a point where it “has to change,” Warren County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston stressed the need for a revamped recycling program in the county.

That is contingent upon the closure of the Grunderville Landfill, which is said to be “imminent.”

“The recycling program can’t stay in its current state,” Eggleston said. “We’ve been waiting years for this to happen.”

There are four townships that currently still participate in the county’s current program – Eldred, Cherry Grove, Columbus, and Elk.

“The discussion that we’ve initially had is to shut the program down county-wide for six to 12 months and plan for a relaunch,” Eggleston said. “Eldred Township is very passionate about recycling, but they understand the nature of the situation and want to figure out a way to work with us and execute this.”

Eggleston is recommending that the county get a grant from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for a new recycling program.

“That would be a 90 percent grant from the DEP with a 10 percent match from the county,” Eggleston explained. “My assumption would be about $5,000 would come from the county’s closure fund.”

Eggleston further suggested that over the next six months, the county meet with a consultant to come up with a detailed plan for a new recycling program.

“There’s a recycling plant being built in Erie that is going to be one of the largest on the East Coast,” Eggleston said. “I feel confident that we can come up with a program where the cost from the county would be as limited as humanely possible.”

County planner Dan Glotz said the need for a new program is significant.

“I think everyone is pro-recycling,” Glotz said. “Folks use the recycling bin as a garbage drop-off, and it’s been a bad situation for us.”

Commissioner Tricia Durbin stated that closing the program would allow the county to “reset the landscape” and allow consultants to get more creative.

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