County CDBG Funds to go Toward Center St. Project in Clarendon

Center St. in Clarendon Borough. Photo by Andy Close.

WARREN, Pa. – Warren County Grants Administrator Danielle Flasher laid out plans for the intended use of the fiscal year 2022 Community Development Block Grant funds during Monday’s hearing.

The project being funded is the reconstruction of Center St. in Clarendon Borough, done in tandem with improvements made to the stormwater system on the street.

“When it rains, the yards on both sides of the street flood,” said former Grants Administrator Lorri Dunlap in Oct. of 2021.

The initial cost of the stormwater project totaled $110,242.

“Clarendon Borough felt a complete re-do of Center St. is necessary, with the goal to have the stormwater project done in tandem,” Flasher said.