Conservation District Announces Photo Contest Winners

Best of Show Winner Laura Roth with her Rocks photo.

WARREN, Pa. – Laura Roth won the Best of Show in the Warren County Conservation District’s photo contest with her “Rocks” photo. 

There were 30 entries in the third annual contest, with some members from the Warren Camera Club judging entries on Oct. 6.

A total of 61 votes for the People’s Choice contest were received, which was held from Sept. 20 to Oct. 3, 2022. The first-place winners, Best of Show and People’s Choice prizes were donated by Allegheny Outfitters.

Winners were:

BEST OF SHOW winner went to Laura Roth with her Rocks picture.

Plant Life- 1st place Taylor Chamberlin
2nd place Victoria Roth
3rd place Laura Roth

Livestock – 1st place Rita Goldthwaite
2nd place Rita Goldthwaite
3rd place Nikki Bailey

Storms – 1st place Christopher Goff
2nd place Britain Hollis
3rd place Christopher Goff

Rocks – 1st place Laura Roth
2nd place Nikki Bailey
3rd place Rita Goldthwaite

People’s Choice winners were:

Plant Life: Rita Goldthwaite
Livestock: Rita Goldthwaite
Storms: Christopher Goff
Rocks: Bristol Fuller