Bridge at the end of Plumber Street in Conewango Township. Photo by Brian Hagberg.

Conewango Township Asks WCSD to Split Cost of Bridge Repair

January 30, 2024

WARREN, Pa. – The bridge that provides access to the fields used by the Warren baseball and softball teams needs to be repaired, and Conewango Township is asking the Warren County School District to help foot the bill.

During Monday’s WCSD Committee of the Whole meeting, WCSD Business Director Jim Grosch said the township had reached out to the district and offered to split repair costs.

“At the end of Plumber Street, there’s a bridge that you have to go over to get to the softball fields and baseball fields, and those fields are landlocked between private land and a crick with a bridge that has access to it,” Grosch said. “There are some issues with the planking of the boards and they are willing to split the cost of replanking the bridge.”

WCSD Director of Administrative Support Services Gary Weber said the “most we’d be looking at” as far as cost to the district is $5,250.

Grosch said between boosters and the possibility of having Warren County Career Center students assist with plank preparation, the cost is likely to be significantly less.

“They (the township) requested that our Career Center, which I think is a great opportunity for these kids, to do the planking,” Grosch said. “They won’t go up to the bridge to do the work as I understand it, but they’re going to plank the boards and get them ready for the installation at Conewango Township.

“They’re requesting that the school district front $5,250,” Grosch said. “Now with that being said, I will say that there’s two booster groups that are working pretty diligently and they possibly could have most of the materials donated at this time. But I can’t confirm that yet.”

Grosch said that Conewango Township made it clear the district would need to assist in bridge repair if it wants continued use of the fields.

“Conewango Township made it very clear to us in a matter of words that if we wanted to continue to use the fields, that they would really like it to be with access via the bridge,” Grosch said. “Because the neighbors in the surrounding they all have these little posts up right now in their yards. So people can’t park even this far into the off the road. So I think it becomes a danger factor as well.”

Weber said the district needs to make a decision on the expenditure as soon as possible in order to get the repairs done prior to the start of the spring season.

“The other issue is the timeliness of it,” Weber said. “Because we have to start playing games I believe March 4*. And so for us to get rolling on this and have the Career Center, which we met with them today at the bridge the Career Center understands what they will be doing and putting these panels of two by fours together. In order for us to have that done. We need to have everything to Conewango Township by the end of February. So that they can take the time to get it ready before baseball otherwise we’re shifting games.”

*Editor’s note: The first day of spring practice is March 4, and the first day games can be held is March 15.


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