Concerns Raised at Commissioners Meeting Regarding Warren County’s COVID-19 Response

Photo courtesy UPMC.

WARREN, Pa. – Concerns were raised by several citizens during Wednesday’s Warren County Commissioners meeting regarding Warren County’s COVID-19 response.

Last month, a proposal for a county-wide COVID-19 awareness campaign, spearheaded by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, was voted down.

The plan, which was originally proposed by Eggleston and tabled, called for a portion of American Rescue Plan funds to work with local health care officials to adopt a promotional campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“The county is 38 percent vaccinated, and if you believe in good science, that’s not good enough to stop the spread of COVID,” said retired Optometrist Dr. James Spangler. “There are resources we can use to educate the public.”

Eggleston’s plan called for use of approximately $22,000 of rescue plan funds.

“It’s important if we want to beat COVID, get our economy back, get our people back, the tourism that we need, it’s important that we get this under control,” Spangler said. “I just wanted to put that out there, this stuff is out there. I look forward to any potential meeting or a discussion.”

Added Sally Eaton: “Research tells us that when a deer sees bright headlights, they don’t know what to do. The COVID crisis reminds me of the deer in the headlights. A lot of folks are still hesitant because they can’t be sure if masks and vaccines really work. Others believe what their friends tell them or what they hear on TV. They need strong, intelligent leadership to make it out of danger. We need that kind of leadership here.”

The group ‘Indivisible Warren PA’ was also drafting a letter to send to the commissioners that would call on them to endorse vaccines and the wearing of masks.

“We hope that various local governments will support this effort,” Eaton said.