Commissioners Propose Budget With no Tax Increase; Library Grants Awarded


WARREN, Pa. – The preliminary 2022 budget for Warren County will be released on Dec. 1, and doesn’t involve any tax increases per the Warren County Commissioners.

“There is no increase in taxes,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said. “The budget is balanced and the health insurance costs remain flat. The county is still awaiting a final contract with unions, but the budget should remain balanced regardless of the outcome of that.”

Eggleston also said there will be an allocation for the creation of a county land bank.

“All of those are very positive points,” he said. “This is easily the best budget cycle we’ve had.”


The commissioners awarded bids for a renovation project for the Warren Public Library, which were in the neighborhood of $1.3 million.

“We would like to thank the commissioners,” said library director Kelli Knapp. “The libraries aren’t able to apply for those grants themselves. We are so excited to get this project underway.

You can read more about the renovations here.