Commissioners Issue Service Citation To Warren County Healthcare Workers


Warren County Commissioners Ben Kafferlin, Tricia Durbin and Jeff Eggleston signed off on a ‘Citation for Excellence in Service’ for the county’s healthcare workers during Wednesday’s virtual meeting.

“Essentially it’s a thank you on behalf of the commissioners to all of the doctors, nurses and ancillary staff that continue to risk their lives to care for our citizens,” Kafferlin said.

Added Durbin: “I think it’s a great idea, and I wish there was even more that we could do.”

That might be happening, as Eggleston said he has had preliminary discussions with the Rouse and Warren General Hospital, among others, about putting together a program so that people can donate supplies to the county’s health care workers.

Those efforts are still in the early planning stages, but Eggleston is confident they will have something in the works soon.

“The response generally has been very good,” he said.