Commissioners Discuss Renovations to Courthouse

February 9, 2023

WARREN, Pa. – The Warren County Commissioners are discussing renovations to the Warren County Courthouse nearly four years after an initial round of work was done to the historic structure.

The commissioners were presented with a proposal this week for additional renovations aimed at improving the exterior of the building.

“Nothing structural, so basically just the exterior of the building,” said Shane McGranaghan of Larson Karle Architects. “My main concern is for perimeter sealant around the windows and possibly in the ceiling of the courtroom. Whoever comes in and does the testing will give you an idea of what else may need to be tested.”

The proposed total cost of the renovations would be in excess of $900,000.

“This larger price tag makes sense in the grand scheme of things, especially with inflation,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said.

“The work that is needed, the question is how and when it’s done. When we did the first renovation, we handled the roof and other major things that would cause problems with the constitution of the building. The paint and windows, the exterior have continued to deteriorate, the windows especially. We don’t have any more time to wait to address them.”

The work would also include fixing the concrete steps on the Fourth Ave. side of the courthouse, as well as the courthouse ceiling.

“The ceiling was stained in some places due to a roof leak,” McGranaghan said. “It had been repaired a few years back before it got rained on.”

Commissioner Tricia Durbin acknowledged that it is “a lot of money,” but also agreed that it is work that needs to be done.

“It’s an old building,” Durbin said. “It’s going to take money to fix back up. There’s a lot to be done.”

The commissioners said they would take some time to review the proposal before making any kind of formal decision.

“The challenge we have is being a municipal government building, finding ways to fund it,” Eggleston said. “We have to have everybody take a deep dive and look at it and revisit it and discuss it in a couple of weeks.”

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