Column: What’s in a Cookie? Chocolate Chip? Oreo? Peanut Butter? Oh My!


As I sat here tonight wanting a small snack, I decided I wanted to eat a cookie (or two or three).

I had a bag of Oreos from the other day when I packed my lunch to go substitute teach that I hadn’t eaten all of, so I decided to go with those.

As I eat the cookies, I was wondering if I really liked Oreos.

I guess I do, to an extent. But they are definitely not my favorite cookie. And, no, I don’t usually eat them with milk because I have never been a big white milk fan.

My favorite cookie would be chocolate chip cookies. Specifically, ones either homemade or from a local bakery.

Earlier Wednesday I bought some from the local grocer down the street from me here in Clarion County. They make some of the best chocolate chip cookies around. There is nothing like a good chocolate chip cookie – funny story I hadn’t had my mom’s in a while but when I went to Houston a few weeks ago to visit my brother he had some there that she made for my two-year-old niece that were shared with me. What a treat.

Anyhow, my cookie-eating got me to thinking about what my favorites are and I would definitely say chocolate chip and then a good peanut butter cookie, which is something I decided I liked more as an adult than as a kid.

I guess there is no real point to this column other than in a time with so much rancor going on in our communities that I wanted to write about something we can all enjoy.

Let me know in the comments section what your favorite cookies are and why.