Clarendon Borough Moving Polling Location to Allegheny Valley Veterans Center


CLARENDON, Pa. – The Allegheny Valley Veterans Center was approved as the new polling location for Clarendon Borough during Wednesday’s Warren County Election Board meeting.

The Veterans Center is also the home of the borough offices.

The previous location was across the street at 15 N.Main St., also the former home of the borough offices.

“I went to the last borough meeting to meet with them,” said Warren County Commissioner Tricia Durbin. “Only one member of the public showed up, who was actually a poll worker and she was very supportive.”

The proposed location would meet all Department of State guidelines, including handicapped accessibility.
The next election date is, Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

“The borough is very supportive of this,” Durbin said. “They are in good standing to make a change to that polling location.”