City Holds Brief Public Hearing on Budget


WARREN, Pa. – The City of Warren held a very brief budget public hearing on Monday.

No public comments were made.

The proposed budget lists $9,613,172 in the general fund, which consists of the following: Finance and Administrative Services ($1,964,187), Police Department ($1,941,531), Fire
Department ($2,942,613), Department of Public Works ($2,464,950), Community
and Economic Development ($116,937), Codes Department ($182,954); Community Improvement Program Fund (CIP) in the amount of $4,389,000; SewerFund in the amount of $2,605,287; and Parking Fund in the amount of $391,484.

The proposed budget can be viewed by the public at the Municipal building during regular business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), online at and in the Reference Room of the Warren Public Library.