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Brokenstraw/Sugar Grove on Top of Penn York Winter Trap League This Week

November 21, 2022

BROKENSTRAW, Pa. – The Penn York Winter Trap League met on Nov. 20 at the Brokenstraw Gun Club with 59 shooters present.

There was not a perfect score shot this week. High Sub Junior Male was Hunter Kestler with 32, High Sub Junior Female was Izabella Hurlburt with 34, High Junior Male was Jacob Franklin with 40, High Junior Female was Lydia Covert with 41, High Lady was Taylor Hanna with 47, High Vet was Paul Prentice with 45, High Senior Vet was a tie with Bill Congdon and Steve Lockwood with 42. High Super Senior Vet was Bob Darney with 42.

*Correction to Nov. 12 scores: High Senior Vet was John Foster with a 50.

Team Scores are as follows:

229 pts. Brokenstraw/Sugar Grove: Dale Johnson 47, Taylor Hanna 47, Jarred Hanna 47, Shawn Mitchell 44, Guy Anderson 44

218 pts. Busti: Jim Kestler Jr. 45, Jason Hurlburt 45, Billy Kestler 43, Jim Holsinger 43, Kirk Decker 42

218 pts. Celoron: Matt DeLong 47, Bob Gray 46, Kevin Nicklas 43, Doug Gray 42, Rick Foster 40

214 pts. Randolph: Paul Prentice 45, Jim Congdon 43, Greg Grimm 42, Bill Congdon 42, Steve Lockwood 42

213 pts. Pine Grove: John Pearson 44, Ken Straight 43, Dean Spiridon 43, Bob Darney 42, David Johnson 41

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