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Brokenstraw/Sugar Grove Edges Pine Grove for Top Spot in Opening Week of Penn York Winter Trap League

November 2, 2022

The Penn York Winter Trap League started the season off on Sunday, Oct. 30, at Pine Grove with 85 shooters present.

There was not a perfect score shot. High Sub Junior Male was Hunter Kestler with 35, High Sub Junior Female was Isabella Hurlbut with 41, High Junior Male was a tie with KC Johnson and Jayden Garris shooting 45, High Junior Female was Lydia Covert with 43, High Lady was Cindy Cable with 48, High Vet was Kim Milford with 48, High Senior Vet was Greg Wassman with 46, and High Super Senior Vet was a tie with Spear Proukou and Brian Westerdahl shooting 47.

Team Scores are as follows:

238 pts. Brokenstraw/Sugar Grove: Gary Casler 48, Shawn Mitchell 48, Guy Anderson 48, Curt Hollabaugh 48, Reed Johnson 46

236 pts. Pine Grove: David Johnson 48, Cindy Cable 48, Bill Turfitt 48, John Pearson 46, Russ Wingard 46

232 pts. Celoron: Rich Foster 48, Jerry Martin 47, Jeff Gens 46, Greg Wassman 46, Tim Young 45

231 pts. Busti: Spear Proukou 47, Brian Westerdahl 47, Jim Holsinger 46, Billy Kestler 46, Jim Kestler, Jr. 45

231 pts. Randolph: Jim Congdon 49, Kim Milford 48, Paul Prentice 46, Steve Lockwood 44, John Foster 44


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