Broadband Hot-Button Issue as Commissioners Discuss Rescue Plan Funds


WARREN, Pa. – The Warren County Commissioners have allotted the first of their American Rescue Plan funds, with $66,604.33 earmarked for in-house options.

“They are in-house items that will make it safer for staff,” Director of Finance and Administration Lisa Hagberg said during Tuesday’s work session. “Contactless washing, soap and towel dispensers and things like that.”

There is $7.6 million in available funds.

Broadband internet, is also a big component of the usage of funds.

“We do have that NTIA application out there for $30 million working with Youngsville TV,” said Commissioner Tricia Durbin. “The notification date is sometime in November. That also will have an impact on what we want to do with broadband going forward.”

Added Commissioner Ben Kafferlin: “We’re currently warehousing those requests. There’s not a timeline of when we start rolling things out. The biggest component is broadband and we don’t have any solid proposals before us at this time. We don’t want to spend money without that included.”

The funds are eligible to be used through 2024.

The regular commissioners’ meeting is slated for Wednesday.