BREAKING NEWS: Bluestem Closing Warehousing, Fulfillment Operations in Irvine


WARREN, Pa. – Bluestem Brands announced Monday, in a letter to employees, it would be discontinuing warehousing and fulfillment operations at the Irvine Distribution Center by the end of April 2021.

In the letter, obtained by Your Daily Local, the company said it would be moving operations to its Eatonton, Ga. location. The move means positions in Irvine will be eliminated.

“This was a difficult decision based on reduced inventory levels that have been years in the making and an expensive lease with limited options,” the letter said.

The company went on to say that termination dates are likely to begin in March and that employees would be provided at least 60 days advance notice of their termination date as required by the WARN (Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Act).

Bluestem filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March, and a plan was approved in a Delaware court in August that would allow the company to continue operations.

Your Daily Local sent an e-mail to Bluestem Monday night requesting further information, but that e-mail was not returned by 9:40 p.m.

This is a breaking news story. More information will be published if it becomes available.


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