Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt set up at Chapman State Park

CLARENDON, Pa. – Where in the world is bigfoot?

He is presently roaming Chapman State Park, or so the rumor has it. Park officials have put together a scavenger hunt to find him.

It is a self-guided activity. A GPS unit is not required but may be used, as coordinates are listed at each location. Follow the clues around the park to find Bigfoot. Record a letter, from each clue, to spell the secret word and then write that word in the logbook.

The first clue is: “Start here, where outdoor church services are held from Memorial Day to Labor Day.”

Once that clue is worked out, hunters can find a clue at the location that will help guide them to the next one.

Environmental Education Specialist also wanted to remind happy hunters to search for the cache at the end.