Brooks-Huwar-Leadbetter Sportsperson of the Year Award

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What is the Brooks-Huwar-Leadbetter Sportsperson of the Year Award:  Brooks-Huwar-Leadbetter Sportsperson of the Year Award and accompanying scholarship will be awarded to an athlete(s) who competed in at least one full season in either District 9 or District 10 and who display qualities of being a good person, a leader, community-minded and wanting to make a difference. The award was born out of an impromptu act of sportsmanship during a game in 2020 between rivals Clarion and Clarion-Limestone. The scholarship is being run through Bridge Builders Community Foundation in Oil City. The scholarship and the award were the ideas of Bryan Huwar, who then reached out to and Bridge Builders to make the award and scholarship a reality. 

Who are Brooks, Huwar, and Leadbetter: Coming soon

How to nominate a student-athlete for the award: Nomination information will be sent out to schools, who will be able to nominate one student-athlete who fits the criteria.

Previous Winners

2021-22: Selena Buttery, Brockway

About Bridge Builders Community Foundation


History: The Venango Area Community Foundation was founded on April 30, 1975. The first discretionary fund was created within the Venango Area Community Foundation portfolio on June 1976 by Galena Rew Harrington and Mary E. Rew, both of Franklin, who were two local community volunteers who wanted to make a difference. They started that initial endowment with a gift and trust transfer totaling almost $80,000.

Today that endowment still exists as the oldest continued endowment in Bridge Builders Community Foundations’ portfolio, and distributes approximately $5,000 annually to local causes every year.

The Venango Area Community Foundation changed its name to Bridge Builders Community Foundations in 2006 and created affiliates to serve the Venango, Clarion, Forest, and most recently Punxsutawney area to leverage assets, fund management, and giving.

It took a long time to evolve as a community foundation, and to become the umbrella foundation serving our four area affiliates.

Through economic upturns and downturns, staff changes, and social impact over the years we have been able to uphold our values and stay true to what we were founded on over 40 years ago.

The hope of a better, stronger community.

Vision: Bridge Builders Community Foundations will generate growth and progress in our communities by actively engaging individuals and organizations through transformative philanthropy.

Mission:  Striving for excellence in all that we do, Bridge Builders Community Foundations builds relationships based on loyalty to donor intent and a commitment to community growth. As the guardians of individual legacies and stewards of organizational endowments, Bridge Builders Community Foundations ensures that resources invested today will develop potential and will fulfill future needs. The Foundation empowers everyone to be a philanthropist!

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